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Expressions by Tarkett

Expressions by Tarkett “The Ultimate Flooring Experience” With a designer-oriented collection of contemporary colors and patterns, Expressions VCT can bring together versatility and style in virtually endless ways. The customization available with Expressions is ideal for customer logo work, trim, and interesting designs. Expressions VCT is a more sustainable VCT option due to the way

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Sound Buffer by MP Global Products LLC

Sound Buffer by MP Global Products LLC “We Were “Green” Before It Was Even Fashionable.” MP Global Products has a long line of environmentally friendly and sustainable flooring options and underlayments. Sound Buffer is no exception. Made from 100% virgin, post consumer rubber, Sound Buffer is able to mask loud impact sounds as well as

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Schönox – HPS North America

Schönox – HPS North America Experience The Forward Thinking Minds Of Schönox – HPS North America With a wide range of primers, moisture mitigation systems, floor leveling compounds, adhesives, repair products, and waterproofing materials, Schönox provides Subfloor Solutions, and is there for you on every project, routine or critical. Interested In Learning More AboutSchönox HPS

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DriTac Improve Your Next Installation’s Success With DriTac Constantly striving to provide the most innovative, efficient and environmentally-friendly installation products and adhesives available in the market today. DriTac offers durably and high performance products suitable for hardwood, vinyl, carpet and sundry flooring installations. Interested In Learning More AboutDriTac Flooring Products? SUPPLIER WEBSITECONTACT US


UltraplyXL® “Sustainable Resources For Generations To Come” UltraplyXL® by Moreland Company USA takes pride in being America’s #1 Plywood Underlayment Manufacturers For Over 25 Years. With the many green scores given to UnltraplyXL® (LEED, CARB II, along with being Lacy Act Compliant), you can relax knowing that your floors underlayment is both renewable and recyclable.

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Stainmaster Pet Protect

Stainmaster Pet Protect Rest Easy & Live Comfortably With Stainmaster Live your life with Stainmaster. Constantly making sure that your kids can be kids, pets can be pets and life can be messy through developing products that eliminate the need to worry. Live comfortably in your home knowing your flooring will be able to take

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Leggett & Platt

Leggett & Platt Discover A World Of Cutting-Edge Innovations With Leggett & Platt Featuring a wide range of products that can be found in most homes, vehicles and offices, Leggett & Platt is known for being pioneers in the foam industry. Even today, Leggett & Platt continues to combine innovation with customer satisfaction to ensure

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FXI Foamex Innovations

FXI Foamex Innovations Experience The Historic Comfort Of Foam Through FXI Foamex Innovations A leading producer for foam products in the healthcare, electronics, industrial, personal care, transportation and home markets. Their mission, “To Provide Tailored Solutions That Delight Our Customers and Consumers.” With a focus on the customer, the community and the integrity of their

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