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Sound Buffer by MP Global Products LLC

Sound Buffer by MP Global Products LLC “We Were “Green” Before It Was Even Fashionable.” MP Global Products has a long line of environmentally friendly and sustainable flooring options and underlayments. Sound Buffer is no exception. Made from 100% virgin, post consumer rubber, Sound Buffer is able to mask loud impact sounds as well as

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UltraplyXL® “Sustainable Resources For Generations To Come” UltraplyXL® by Moreland Company USA takes pride in being America’s #1 Plywood Underlayment Manufacturers For Over 25 Years. With the many green scores given to UnltraplyXL® (LEED, CARB II, along with being Lacy Act Compliant), you can relax knowing that your floors underlayment is both renewable and recyclable.

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Underlayment Discover Premium, Cutting-Edge Underlayments The importance of having a good underlayment for your flooring is critical. Without you can run the risk of having flooring that does not stand to the test of time or start to wear faster. With our more sustainable underlayment flooring options we truly have you covered. With a focus

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Wanke Cascade